Behind the Board w/Big River Records' Brad & Ben

"The 30s Ludwig kick finally gets some shine" #bastardsonsofappalachia #fabulousbrotherssteele 4:30pm 11/17

"Today's agenda"  11:40am, 11/17
"Gettin it right" -- Ben Coll w/Justin Steele, 8pm, 11/16

WVRockscene is excited to announce we'll be going into the Big River Records studio with Brad Kinder and Ben Coll, as they prepare to start recording The Fabulous Brothers Steele's new record, Bastard Sons of Appalachia.

Well, we won't physically be at the studio out in Fayetteville -- can just imagine tripping over cables or spilling our drinks all over expensive recording equipment -- but we'll be keeping tabs on the whole thing here, and at the rockscene main page.

Kinder is a righteous bro and "friend of rockscene" indeed, and will be keeping everyone clued in as to what's up with pics and words. Check out his own very fine WV Awesomeness blog for killer pics of our fair state, be gettin' into BRR and FBS online if you haven't yet, and look for cool stuff and features on the studio and the band in the coming days and weeks.

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