VIDEO: Pistol Whippers Q&A @ the Glass 3.22

Some guy we know caught up with the Pistol Whippers for a Gazz article on the band reuniting. Profanity-laden as it is, it's too funny (and, yes, informative) to be consigned to the ashbin of history. Enjoy!

Oh, hey, check out the article on the Whippers in the print Gazz...


Hovel talks with WVRockscene!

So here's big news -- we had hollered at Hovel about a CD, because we think they rock, and that's what we do. Well, not only may we end up with a CD (new or old), we got the scoop about a possible Hovel show in Charleston with another rockin' Morgantown three-piece "instru-metal" act, Treasure Cat.

We were basically saying how cool it would be for the two bands to come to town, and pointing out that although it's unlikely, it would still be cool. Here's what Greg from Hovel said back about their CDs, new material, and the possibility of the two powerhouse acts coming to town:

"All we have available right now is the six song ep that we put out a couple years ago. There is also that 7 inch that we put out thru Flotation Records but it's just two of the songs that are on the ep. We have a ton of newer material and we are going into the studio soon to start recording. As soon as we get some of it mixed we'll send it to you as well. Also don't rule out a Treasure Cat/Hovel show in Charleston. We could definitely make that happen! Thanks a lot for the support and we'll be in touch."

You read that right rockscene readers! Comment the bands (or us) up and if you want them to come to town (like we do) make your voice heard! Check out these bands for sure though, the rock is guaranteed!


What is Drown Culture?

Drown Culture is a space-travellin' four-piece supergroup from Magic Town, specializing in electronic tunes. Just heard the tunes they uploaded off their new CD onto their MySpace profile. Plus, they're streaming their entire new 13-song album online. Check it out at drownculture.com.

Now all we need is a pair of those glasses...


CD REVIEW: The Dig-Its "Know It All"

THE CD: "Know It All"

On "Know It All," The Dig-Its answer their own question asked on their MySpace profile: "What the FUCK happened to rock and roll?" Status-quo ringtones and "commercial crap on the radio" are totally called out at some point as the band looks back (and, forward) on this new 9-song punk rock effort.

The Huntington-based five-piece covers a lot of ground on this CD; where their eponymous green CD found them giving heavy nods to the 60's and 70's, "Know It All" finds the band coming into their own, throwing some grunge, rockabilly, synth, and ska into their rock and roll repertoire.

It always seemed simplistic to call the band "punk" -- their style stands astride 50 years of the best of rock and roll, it seems. With the addition of another guitarist and a new bassist, and getting to record on their own time in their own studio, the results on "Know It All" jump right out at you.

"I've Seen Better Days" opens the CD with up-in-arms, uptempo punk, setting the tone for the CD. Singer Mean Jean seems halfway between morbid depression and and a miraculous change of heart, and you get the feeling singing in this band helps. "Everything seems darker, right before the dawn," she laments, hoping, maybe even praying, that "...things are gonna change..."

"Love Drug" has an L7-type grunge sound, with phaser effects and Jean's droning vocals about a meaningless (and, free) "sordid encounter" with an ex.

Compared to the green CD, there are noticable upgrades in production; the vocals are layered and laced, Harshbringer's fuzzy bass walks right up and slaps you, and, with the extra guitarist you still get the classic riffage and solos that kind of define their timeless rock sound, only it's a fuller sound on this effort compared to the last.

"Goddamn Shame" is how the Dig-Its feel about the cross-branded, ringtone-based rock and roll culture that has steadily evolved as the record companies have gone downhill. This song is a good example of their nebulous punk rock style; I hear Aerosmith in the solos for some reason. Citing influences from Jerry Lee Lewis to The Clash, and smashing their cellphones on the floor, the song is a kind of mission (or brand) statement for the band.

Every CD should have one song that you have to hear over and over again. "Know It All" has that in "Your Song" -- with sing-along choruses, a killer solo, and heartfelt lyrics about a lost loved one, this power ballad sounds like Mike Ness wrote a song for Weezer as Jean sings on the chorus:

"So just stay with me and I will always be/Thinking of you, and you'll be smiling at me/And I know you still love me the same/Even though you're gone"
It's so good, that even though the rest of the CD rocks, once you pass this song you want to keep going back to it and listening to it over and over again. The despair and guilt in the lyrics are evident, and the song will appeal to anybody who maybe didn't get to say goodbye to someone like they would've wanted to. An awesome song. Listen to it on their MySpace profile.

"Summer Days" is a rolling, catchy punk rock retrospective on innocence lost; playing punk rock and hanging out with your friends, possibly running from the cops, but before having to pay bills and be an adult.

"Mama Tried" throws a little beer-and-Beam soaked rockabilly into the mix. Ever had to call your parents from jail? You could relate to this song, then. "Wrong Way" is some old school thrash punk.

The curveball on the CD is "January's Cold," a slow, swinging duet with Mean Jean and guitarist L.A. Joe singing about broken hearts and frozen tears. Laced with an ethereal synth organ sound, it is a nice incarnation of the freedom the band must've felt in their own confines. What do I know? I wasn't there.

"Tear It All Down" closes the CD with protest punk against Nationwide, Massey, and the Iraq war. Mean Jean exhorts Dig-Its listeners to open their hearts and minds and become aware of the maxim that if the government doesn't work you can abolish it. That's a Slayer song, right? It's a rockin' song -- as they break it down with some ska/dancehall type riffs -- it just seems tricky attaching your music to causes these days.

The Dig-Its are a band that have done a ton of benefit shows, so it's not like they're putting a message into their music that they don't back up. Their best songs, however, are examples of how rock can be important and meaningful, looking back and telling honest stories about the good and bad things you've been through. The kind of music that The Dig-Its play will always be loved, and will always be popular. I'm just burnt out on the election coverage, and politics in general, I think.

The amazing thing about "Know It All" is that the band recorded the CD DIY-style at guitarist Paul Weaver's Castle Brownskull Studios (located in his house in Huntington). They put a lot of time and effort into the recording, and it shows. Now a five-piece, the band is stronger than they were on the last CD, it's clear. They deserve multiple kudos or stars or thumbs up for this half-hour's worth of self-produced, high energy rock and roll.

Looks like the only member I haven't mentioned in this review is drummer Bob Caution, who hooked me up with the CD. As a last little aside I will admit: I actually tried to avoid listening to the new Dig-Its songs on their MySpace as I awaited the new CD. Sometimes the best things come to those who wait, and I'm glad I waited on this CD. To get your copy, holler at the band on MySpace or catch them at a show.

I just want to know when you can get "Your Song" on your cellphone...

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SHOWS: 3.14-3.29

Schedule needs? You can check in here or at WVRockscene on Myspace.

FRI 3/14: Super Chimp w/Rufus Huff @ the Empty Glass; Shorthrow w/DeadFaceDown @ the Blue Parrot; The Hillbilly Gypsies w/The Rust Kings @ The V Club; Black Knots w/the Bible Beaters, The Underdogs, Amish Electric Chair & Atomic Jonnie @ Club Echo

SAT 3/15: Allegheny Echoes Fundraiser @ The Glass; St. Patty’s Day @ The V Club w/Joe Prichard Band and The Yetti; Blue Million w/Ryan Weaver @ Marley’s Doghouse; Rose City w/Lo-Pan & Hollow Cause @ the Parrot; Threefold Theory @ Sharkey’s Fins Cafe; '85 Flood w/One Hundred Hurricanes & Andra Taylor @ 123 Pleasant St.; The Big Bad, United Waste, The Measure, The Rubouts @ The Rock-It Club

SUN 3/16: St. Patty’s Day Pre-Party @ 123 Pleasant St. w/The Gentleman and Crooked Elm

MON 3/17: St. Patty's Day Blowout @ Yesterday’s w/Nova Prospect, And Since Forgotten, The Breathing Process; St. Patty’s Day w/The Dig-Its, Black Knots & Sarasota @ Club Echo; St. Patty's Day w/West By God, Lo-Pan & Wilderkin @ 123 Pleasant St.

TUE 3/18: Soil w/Bobaflex, Broken Shadows, Tears of the Dying @ the Monkeybar

FRI 3/21: Rose City w/The Stonecutters @ The Empty Glass; Red Bones w/Billy Matheny & The Frustrations @ the Blue Parrot; Art Benefit show @ 123 Pleasant St. w/Spouse, Sandra Black (EP release), J Marinelli, Stonewall Jackson 5ive; Let The Guilty Hang @ Club Echo; Scott Niles (acoustic 3FT) @ Sharkey’s Fins Cafe; Hello Canteloupe @ Fuel

SAT 3/22: Common Enemy w/Most Ill, All My Strength, New Clear Future & Don’t Look Back @ Huntington YWCA; Velvet Spasm @ Marleys; One Under w/Genuine Junk Band @ The V Club; Lost Kause, The Apology, Hollow & Relative Obscurity @ Paradox Rift; Shorthrow w/Dog Soldier @ Fuel; Black Sabbath Tribute @ 123 Pleasant St.

SUN 3/23: A Small Town Conspiracy, Cryptorchid Chipmunk all ages @ 123 Pleasant St. (3 p.m.); Halo Of Locusts & Diabolus all ages @ 123 Pleasant St. (8 p.m.)

FRI 3/28: The Whiskey Daredevils w/Black Knots @ the Glass; Threefold Theory @ Julie J’s; The Sexes, Fox Japan, Vandaveer & David Bello @ 123 Pleasant St.

SAT 3/29: Pistol Whippers Reunion Show @ the Empty Glass Top 100 Party; The Dig-Its w/First Offense @ the Blue Parrot; Threefold Theory @ Julie J’s; The Red Velvet w/The RedBloods @ Marley’s Doghouse; Chris Batten and the Woods w/Jeff Ellis feat. Bud Carroll and The Southern Souls and Garrett Moore @ The V Club; Moon w/Clouds Forming Crowns @ 123 Pleasant St.; Most Ill, New Clear Future, The Hellfish & Womensroom @ NYA Hall (Ravenswood, WV) 6 p.m., $5


3FT MP3s on CD Baby

From Pete Hurt with Threefold Theory...

"Hey everyone! We just wanted to tell you about this new deal that we have with CD Baby. You can now download a digital copy (MP3) of our first album, loveHATElive, for only $6 for the entire album! That equates to only 75 cents per song and it's delivered immediately through a download to your PC, no waiting, no shipping, etc.

Of course if you still like the traditional way of shopping, you can order the CD from the same site for only $8! Either way, you'll have instant satisfaction, guaranteed, THREEFOLD!

What are you waiting for? Go check it out now and spread the word: cdbaby.com/cd/threefold

If you're out and about this coming Saturday, March 15th, in the Huntington, WV area, come down and check us out live at Sharkey's Fins Cafe, 410 10th Street. Show starts around 10:30pm! Hope to see you there!"

Pete, Scott and Nik


WV = Minnesota? When it comes to a smoking ban in bars, maybe...

Hey yeah we came across this humorous-ominous article on the BBC -- the place we go to get the BEST anonymous news in the world! But no this article on the BBC talks about this bar in Minnesota whose patrons used a loophole in an anti-smoking ordinance exempting performers in theatrical productions to smoke: they became actors at the bar!

So people who would normally be at bars seeing a band, of course drinking -- you HAVE to drink -- and smoking a cigarette are acting like themselves BEFORE THE BAN! Apparently using ashtrays as props and speaking in strange accents. Will this happen in Charleston when the smoking ban goes into effect this summer? You know the Empty Glass will be fine with their patio. But instead of going outside, will there be groups of actors soon in area bars?


The Burt Reynolds Death Metal Experiment!

Catch the sensation that is literally sweeping the nation!

The Burt Reynolds Death Metal Experiment!

When we first came across TBRDME we could hear (and see) first hand how insanity and genius go hand in hand in the form of Michael "Skip" Cromer.

Look at how he dresses (that's him @ Adamfest '07), and to hear the stories of his hijinks with Byzantine, you'd think he's lost his damn mind.

Maybe you're right.

But after being given "The Definitive Collection Vol. II" by Rod from Caustic Eye, we knew we had a confirmed case of rock stardom.

You will rock with "Envy" and you'll laugh with "A Pirate's Life For Me" and "Teenage Love Ballad" and on other songs, you'll just be confused and/or bewildered. But be prepared to hear the prototypical, quintessential rock star! Oh, the band? They got killed off and now Skip uses an mp3 player live, and makes all the music himself.

From what we've read on his blogs and in his super-awesome new fan club (click banner below made by Rod) there is a new release, "Outdated Format" on the way, including TBRDME on 8-track, vinyl, and cassette, plus a TBRDME action figure and video game! If there's not a documentary in the works, then something is wrong with the world.


You want to rock with Burt right now? Listen to "Finding Emo" on the Caustic Eye profile. TBRDME should be six letters you remember. We think you'll agree that "he is one of a kind" after hearing his stuff...and if you don't agree, you may get slapped by Burt himself!


PISTOL WHIPPERS Reunion @ the Glass 3.29

In celebration of The Empty Glass being named in the top 100 by Nightclub & Bar Magazine (or some variation of that name), Campbell's Creek's own Pistol Whippers will reunite for a set!

Look for more on this but we wanted to help get the word out right now! Waiting for more info on the show but it should be big!


New music from The Concept!

The Concept just uploaded "Ye to the 10th Degree" on their Myspace profile. Obviously it's off their upcoming CD "The Empire Penguin Strikes Back" -- due at the end of May. Check it out and check out footage of The Concept doing the song at the Parrot back in December.


WVRockscene gets Hovel!

Very good! We came across pitures of Hovel at 123 Pleasant St. on their Myspace. Regardless of when the show was, or who took the pic (unknown), the most important question remains: WHO IS IN THEIR UNDERWEAR ONSTAGE WITH THE BAND? Has to be the coolest guy EVER!

Oh and Hovel rocks hard indeed. Check out GammaMinusMachineMinder on their profile. The song features an extended sample from Alex Jones in the Richard Linklater movie Waking Life. They let WVRockscene play it a while back (thanks) and it is killer indeed.

The Red Velvet 3.7 @ V Club

Definitely check out The Red Velvet this weekend if you're out there.

New Jeff Ellis music: Time Slips Away!

You can now hear "Time Slips Away" off Jeff Ellis' CD "A Front Seat for the End of the World" -- he just uploaded it onto his Myspace and it's about time! The song features Bud Carroll on guitar and Mandi Hurley singing with Ellis. Make sure the ol' heart strings are tied down, or this song about a broken-hearted soldier coming back from the war may tug at them.


THE GREENS @ The Empty Glass 3.8

Cool flyer made by Bryan Tiki @ Hardbarger Signs

Bud Carroll w/Honeytribe 3.4

Hey cool show Tuesday...and don't forget to check out the Bud Carroll footage from an earlier post in February.

Black Knots working on new songs & CD

Huntington's Black Knots recently went into seclusion to work on new material for a new CD. Set for summer, the CD will followup the Knots' "Hell Bent to Kick It Out" and will be the first with new guitarist Bobby "Balboa" -- you know who he is, he's not fooling us! We just saw him out with Guy Parker the other weekend. As far as new Knots songs, they're working them into their live set, according to Captain D, their drummer. Check out cool pics of the Knots in seclusion at their Myspace profile...

So, to recap:
New Black Knots CD, songs, pics and shows...