Sunday Afternoon Jamz: Fletcher's Grove

Getting set to interview Ryan Krofcheck of Fletcher’s Grove in a few minutes for the H-D, listening to their new record, Appalachian Reaction, and thought we’d share some clips. Check out a live performance of “Grapevine” off the new record, and the promo for the new album.

The Morgantown-based jam band is playing all over, as they are wont to do, now with the new 10-song release in tow. Be lookin for coverage and look for 'em at your favorite establishment soon.


VIDEO: Mega Beardo “Ledjent of Zelda” studio update


Hardcore gamer and awesome guitarist Ryan Postlethwait (aka Mega Beardo) plays his Nintendo guitar, likely working out material for his forthcoming Ledjent of Zelda EP…

Covering bands in newspapers, you gotta keep things objective -- you can’t (and don’t want to) go on and on about how much you love such and such act or project or how great you think they are.

You’re supposed to at least act professional.

A newspaper isn’t a fanzine, and its target audience awww yeah isn’t gonna be anxiously awaiting the new Mega Beardo EP The Ledjent of Zelda -- just announced by Ryan Postlethwait (pictured above) in his latest and last studio update to be coming out in March!

Getting to talk to Postlethwait on the phone and cover Mega Beardo in the Gazette was a personal highlight of 2012. Maybe you missed that, or have yet to wake up to the hardcore truth that this guy reworking old Nintendo game music into brutal metal is one of the most awesome, innovative musical projects in West Virginia in 2013.

Ryan just welcomed Byzantine singer-guitarist Chris Ojeda up to his most awesome game lair to work on some video playthroughs of new Byzantine stuff. That’s exciting to just hear about those two dudes hangin. And judging by the comments on Postlethwait’s Facebook page, there may even be a Beardo full band coming soon.

Either way, we’re Mega Beardo’s number one fan ever, and we do look forward to hearing his Zelda EP. Get caught up on everything on his latest YouTube updates.


Confirmed: WVRockscene to establish "red list" of its own

It was brought to our attention that WVRockscene recently turned five years old or something. Cool! Right?

But before that first post in Jan. 2008, before thegazz.com’s ill-fated, ultimately doomed local music blog, an endeavor that would ultimately never be made up for by its founder, there was us rockin’ out freaky, weird obscure acts that people may not be keen to. Or, bands or projects that rock, but might not be playing out or releasing material, whatever.

Whatever platform or medium (print/online) was utilized, we’re proud of covering so many of these kinds of non-traditional bands or performers over the years.

We’re going to continue that in 2013, that’s for sure.*

We’re compiling a list, a handful of maybe obscure acts or dudes or projects that are awesome in nature to cover, we’re going to write it down on a piece of paper and then ball it up and throw it in the trash.

Because we already know pretty much what and who we wanna cover, it’s just a matter of when. It’s great thinking that there could be someone or some band around here recording something ghetto-style that could turn into a song we love.

Time goes by fast, but we here at rockscene don’t change. Or wait, is it the more things change the more they stay the same?

Either way, barring injury or Virginarockscene hitting us hard with denial of service attacks, we’re gonna keep covering bands we like and hopefully up the awesomeness around here.

* = not a guarantee

CD Review: Revelator

ARTIST: The Heptanes
CD: Revelator

Existing on a plane somewhere between The Cramps and The Stray Cats with a nod to West Virginia’s own Hasil Adkins, Huntington-based rockabilly trio The Heptanes return to release-ville in 2013 with their killer 13-song sophomore effort, Revelator.

Hard rockin’, rump shakin’ rockabilly (“Let The Liquor Do The Thinking,” “Rusthouse”) and/or psychobilly (“Hasil Adkins”) tracks show that these cats -- Kevin Allison, Chris Tackett, and Alex Kendall -- coming off a long period of dormancy, playing a few shows, then going in to record, just like riding a bike, didn’t take too long to get back into the swing of things.

Substitute “bike” with “devil-possessed hot rod” (hear “Pure White Lining” and “Rat Rod Ride”) and you’re close, maybe. And subtract the years off.

Either way, songs like “Amazon Roller Derby Queen” and “Sinner’s Shake,” which open things up, may indeed possess you to do awesome rock and roll related things, you can fill in the blanks.

“Dark Skies” stands out for its dark, sullen beauty, and the title track is a driving instrumental.

To get “The ultimate in transistorized stereophonic hi-fidelity sound” (as it says on the cover) Allison, Tackett and Kendall went into Trackside Studios, and with help from Bud Carroll, did just that.

This isn’t the place to get into how so many rock and roll rivers flow from rockabilly music. But if you’re into it, and like it with a dash of danger, The Heptanes may be for you. A great effort, a long time coming from these dudes.


VIDEO: Byzantine “Soul Eraser”

Byzantine, if you have been living in a cave on the moon for the past five years, is back with a new self-titled album due out Feb. 26.

The critically acclaimed West Virginia metal band has been playing shows, taking pre-orders, and just last night premiered their video for “Soul Eraser,” off the new record on nocleansinging.com.

Shot and directed by Matt Maloney in his hometown of Wellsburg, the video gave Byzantine’s fans a chance to get crazy, and gave the band an opportunity to paint an unfortunately all-too-familiar picture of life in 2013 opium war-ravaged West Virginia (NSFW drug abuse) as those we know fall prey to the “black tar lord” singer-guitarist Chris Ojeda describes.

Just an awesome video from an awesome band. We’ll definitely look forward to hearing the new record.


Lookin' forward to 2013 with BRR


We’re getting back into the swing of things here in 2013, as are our friends at Big River Records in Fayetteville. We understand Ben Coll has moved to Charleston recently, and Brad Kinder is under constant surveillance by us on Facebook for his hilarious and/or threatening posts, also for his super coo nature pics. 

Kinder recently did a little winter cleaning at the BRR studio, and now all of us can bask in the opulence, vicariously, through this above pic. We’ll be keeping tabs on these dudes as they work on Bastard Sons of Appalachia with Justin Steele et al., and jam whatever records in the studio.

Check out the bands they’ve already worked with, and check out Kinder’s photography page, WV Awesomeness, as he captures the natural beauty of our state. Here’s to an awesome 2013!