Enter the Softcore: Mike Andrick's Soft Rock Renegade

Hands off the monitors!!! Mike Andrick's Soft Rock Renegade site captures a bygone era...
For some reason we’ve had a recent affection for throwback, roll back the clock type pages for area bands that may have preceded the world wide internet revolution. And, we love coming across cool West Virginia related sites, blogs, bands and books.

Mike Andrick’s Soft Rock Renegade blogspot site is a nice combination of these variables, with an emphasis on WV-related bands. Andrick has a ton of killer content, with a lot of band content from years gone by, from user submitted footage, and CDs he’s made available for download.

Just quickly scanning the posts, you can:
*See footage of KTB and Clutch circa 1997
*Download Chum’s 1994 cassettes Postblisstheory and God Given
*Watch the Butthole Surfers play Magic Town waaay back in 1985 (talk about a time machine)
*Download the entire EMC CD from The Emergency! Their last? Who knows, but it looks like someone had the great idea to make entire CDs downloadable -- and we mean it: GREAT IDEA!!! Will he make How Can You Move? (our personal favorite -- hear “Morning Announcements”) and Doo-Lang Doo-Lang available? You know you want him to. Each of these are CDs that would still be in the WVRockscene home stereo rotation, if we had a home stereo. Oh, this just in, we scrolled down, not only can you download the aforementioned CDs, you can catch footage of The Emergency too! This is the post you wanna check out if you do not know which song is which off of Doo-Lang Doo-Lang.
*There’s even footage of Common Grounds coffee house in Charleston you can check out -- remember that place?

There’s also super neat WV-related books and documentaries you can check out (Denise Giardina checks in) and oh yeah, J Marinelli makes an appearance (as he is seemingly apt to do) as a Dirty Poncho download is tucked away on there, too. Talk about getting awesome.

If you’re sitting on old footage or think you’ve got something cool Andrick could use, holler at him at his email: srrblog@gmail.com. Kudos are indeed deserved to him for setting this up; we’ll be keeping tabs on it here.

photo: Bob Williams

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grace said...

the peckerheads on there was a good find.

i wish they had the LBC records...at least the first one.