VIDEO: Miniature Giant "Kill Yr FriENDs" (official) & "Murder The Government" (NOFX cover)

photo: Megan Green
Miniature Giant (L-R: John Ballard, Michael Workman, KC Shinglebop) have been hanging out, writing songs and playing shows over the summer; things punk bands are wont to do...

Our friends in Charleston-area punk band Miniature Giant have been busy over the summer, which is always good, because staying busy keeps you out of trouble.

Singer-guitarist Michael Workman, bassist John Ballard, and recently added drummer KC Shinglebop have been playing shows, writing new songs (going from "bad" to "tolerable" as they said on their Facebook page) and, making videos.

Below, see the recently released video for "Kill Yr FriENDs," off their 2012 debut EP The Superhero Chronicles...

...and, here they are covering one of our favorite songs from one of our favorite NOFX cassettes (yeah, tapes!) at the Parrot this past weekend...

We'll look forward to running into Workman in/around Quincy, and taking Ballard -- described by an ex-girlfriend as "weird" after she met him at the Glass 7.4 (translates as: "not a loudmouth jerk threatening to fight everyone") -- out for Chinese food sometime soon.

Look for Miniature Giant to be playing shows, not fighting people, and otherwise being super cool punk rockers, in a venue near you.

Oh, and look for stuff here as we attempt to relaunch this thang closer to September!