“No talent busker” releases new music!

We’ve been “out of the office” here for the past few months, much to our dismay. There were print pieces here and there, but the blog has remained dormant.

Until now.

Morgantown native, and now Lexington, Kentucky-based “angry one-man band” J. Marinelli has released a handful of new tunes over the past month.

Right in time to celebrate West Virginia’s birthday, he released his seven-song Sovereign Slates E.P., and Monday, he uploaded his half of a cassette split he did with Lexington’s Ma Turner, including versions of Goodwolf’s “Bikini Girl” and “Filler” by Minor Threat

We’re super pumped anytime Marinelli releases new music. We’re also pumped to be back, covering bands to the best of our ability over the rest of 2013! Get awesome!