Treasure Cat w/WBG @ The V

We came across yet another awesome flyer from our friend Jimbo, this one pumping Saturday's Treasure Cat/West By God show at The V Club in Huntington.

Looks like Huntington will get a taste of some Magic Town rock.


Free BBR comp download

We just heard that our good friend Tucker Riggleman (of Demon Beat fame) has just made the 15-song Big Bullet comp available for free.

Including tracks from The Demon Beat, Stephen MacDonald & The Okay Win, Dandelion Snow, Greg Loftus, The Resonators, Jude Universer, Khaos Kloud and more, we think it's worth checking out here, at a link that we're fairly certain is not spam, like that stupid MySpace bulletin said when we clicked on it.

Tucker probably tried to send the link over a MySpace message, and it got counted as spam, naturally.

Yeah we just checked it and it works, so don't hesitate; swing by the BBR MySpace, check out the artists, and check out the Terminal Ballistics Volume I comp.

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Cool band and a cool flyer

This flyer combines two of our favorite subjects here at the site; Shepherdstown's rock and roll trio The Demon Beat come to Huntington's V Club Saturday night, and to help raise awareness, Amalgam Unlimited's Jimbo Valentine made up this flyer.

We're looking forward to hearing new stuff from Adam, Tucker and Jordan. And we always love seeing the show art that Jimbo comes up with. Good times all around; check out The Demon Beat (w/The Receiver and Ladybird) if you're out that way and you haven't yet.

AF takes it to those A&R guys

We came across this pretty cool blog from Attack Flamingo's Sean Knisely on the need (or lack thereof) for A&R type middle men. The post is over at their MySpace profile, along with some new tunes they've recently uploaded.

Check out Attack Flamingo, check out their tunes, and why not, since you've read this much, read our recent big feature on the band.


Help Hillbilly Proud stop the thieves!

One of the nicest, coolest and most hard workin' outfits we've come across in our dealings at WVRockscene has been Hillbilly Proud. From the ATV DVDs to their work featuring local bands, we've been proud to sport their "True Rebels" art as the profile pic over at our MySpace site.

Their "Tired and Leaving" blog is a must read for all West Virginia residents.

Having been given a few of their DVDs, stickers and even a t-shirt, we were upset to hear about people ripping off their awesome logo for profit. Below is a reposted MySpace bulletin from Keith McCoy, who runs Hillbilly Proud.

The reports are no longer trickling in about people stealing our logo and selling it at flea markets and other events. They are now flooding in. Please spread the word not to buy off of these thieves.

We do not sell at any flea markets. If you see these people in action let them know what you think of them taking money away from a small West Virginia business that has fought for five years to survive.

Thank you,

Keith McCoy
Hillbilly Proud


Say It Ain't So: Sarasota's Last Show

One of our favorite bands -- Huntington's booze-fueled punk rock four-piece Sarasota -- is playing their last show this Saturday night at Shamrock's.

We won't revisit the time we got to see them at the Parrot, losing the memory card with footage of the band at the bar, and the "unpleasantness" that followed. Thanks to Dave Cantrell of The Concept, we got to hear their 10-song eponymous CD last year; one of our infamous "best of" for 2008, and, we got cool Sarasota PBR-themed stickers!

But this Saturday night will be your last chance to see these dudes rock. Here's what guitarist Jay Thomas said on the event description on their MySpace page:

We've met a lot of awesome people and made some great friends over the last 9 years. Met and played with a lot of great bands. Drank ourselves sick countless times. Thanks to everyone who has supported us, said anything nice to us, bought us a round of drinks, or just came out to a show. You people really are what kept everything together. come out and have one last drink with us! and spread the word. Let's riot! we love you all! Goodbye. - Jay

Thomas, when reached for comment, lamented that it was "too bad that things aren’t working out for us," but, spilling the beans on a potential Sarasota reunion tour and more, said that "...I'm sure it won't be the last you hear from us guys. We've got other projects in the works. Thanks for all the love! We do appreciate it."

Sarasota plays with Down Goes Frazier and Blacklist Royals Saturday night at Shamrock's Irish Pub in Huntington.


Italianfest this weekend

So you think you're way more Italian than all your friends? This weekend in Clarksburg you can find out, as roughly a dozen or so cool local bands rock out over the weekend.

Highlighted by The Concept, The Gentlemen, Cryptorchid Chipmunk and Dangerkat, this lineup is worth checking out if you're up that way.

How will our Irish friends in The Gentlemen deal with all the Italians showing up for the music, food and maybe beer? Will there be soccer riots, or ethnic fence mending?

We don't know, but it sounds like a cool fest.

Italian Fest schedule
Friday, 9.4
4:30 Caleb Karriker
5:00 Dangerkat
6:00 Hello Canteloupe
7:00 Of Truth!
8:00 The Concept
9:00 The Gentlemen

Saturday 9.5
4:00 Andy The Doorbum
5:00 Cryptorchid Chipmunk
6:00 Turbo Slaughter
7:00 The Disregardables
8:00 Dawn of The Dude
9:00 Patent Pending