WVRockscene goes for "Triple Crown" this summer!


Whether you’re more into cupcakewave, dark indie is more yer thing, or just like showing up at free shows where people are playing instruments, Friday is lookin pretty cool up in Magic Town.

Morgantown cupcakewave four-piece Bonfire (above) is set to pre-release their debut cassette “Triple Crown” (on Crash Symbols) at the Blue Moose Café with The Overcoat.

The show is not only all-ages, but, again, free, so you can go ahead and pre-order our copy of “Triple Crown” for us, and count it as some kind of charitable act. No money involved = no worries about cover charges and splitting the door money and having to cancel the show. Killer!

Of course, then you’d have to mail us the cassette, which will cost you extra, unless you work at an office where you can mail stuff out clandestine style. Or, you could film you playing it, upload it to youtube, and host it there for us to rock out (looking at you, Zach Francis). Talk about multi-media. Whatever.

If you have to work -- call in sick. And if yer in jail -- BREAK OUT!!!

So you’ve read this much, why not check out previous Bonfire-related posts here at WVRockscene? Oh and there’s also the live bootleg we got of Bonfire playing on U92’s Morgantown Sound from way back in April. Ripped straight off the ol’ internet for all our listening pleasure.

It’s always great finding out about cool new local bands. Bonfire is one of those bands. Despite not being able to please everyone with our posts, sometimes, we just aim to please ourselves. And no money is involved!

Wanna learn more about Bonfire before you show up and start asking the band ridiculous questions? Click here or here, and definitely check out Liz Toler and Dwight Pavlovic's art from their Tiny Scissors show...

photo: Ron Hollingshead

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