Unprecedented levels of weirdness Wednesday nite in Morgantown

Keep it weird: Jason Sells and O Lendario Chucrobillyman pose at the Mothman statue en route to Morgantown Wednesday night for a show with Weird Paul at 123 Pleasant Street

Morgantown will see a heavy influx of one-man bands Wednesday night, as Jason Sells (aka Slate Dump) welcomes his new friend, Lendario Chucrobillyman to 123 Pleasant Street, with Weird Paul Petrosky rounding out the weirdness.

Sells and Chucro, on his first trip to the U.S. from Brazil, have been staying busy, rocking out, or just hanging out, seeing the sites as they’ve played the Pops Resale Anniversary show this past weekend, and have toured West Virginia over the past few days.

Speaking over the phone from Nitro Wednesday night, the pair talked about the highlights of Chucro’s first trip to the U.S. -- shows, the sights, and oh yes, Tudor’s Biscuit World.

“We’re just hangin loose,” Sells said as the two spoke over speakerphone, something of a conference call of sorts. “The past few days have been pretty awesome. I’ve tried to take him to as many historic spots and sites of folklore and beautiful scenery here in southern West Virginia, and hopefully show him and his entourage a good time.”

Chucro, speaking better than expected English with his Brazilian accent, said his inaugural tour of the states has been pretty cool so far.

“Yeah this is my first time here in the United States. I’m enjoying the sights and the scenery here in West Virginia. The shows have been real cool and it’s awesome to be here playing my music, mixing Brazilian zeal with the blues. It’s been real cool for me.”

Sells and Chucro were joined by “friend of Slate Dump” J Marinelli at the Pops Resale anniversary show in Lexington over the weekend. And while Marinelli raved about Chucro’s set on the illustrious WVRockscene Facebook wall, Chucro said the admiration was indeed mutual.

“Oh it was awesome, yeah. James Marinelli is a very good player, and I liked his show. I’m enjoying everything and Jason is having a good sound too.”

During their stay in Nitro, it appears that Sells turned Chucro on to true West Virginia fare: Tudor’s Biscuit World.

“Yeah,” Chucro said laughing hard. “I’m liking very much mainly the biscuits and gravy. It’s perfect,” laughing some more.

Chucro said he’s looking forward to playing 123 Pleasant Street, then heading to New York for a few shows, then, traveling to Austin, Tejas for gig-related activity.

“We’re going to New York after Morgantown for a few shows. Then, going back to Austin. We’re driving down there. People are saying we are crazy. But it’s the cool way to do it.”

Sells said he’s also looking forward to the upcoming March on Blair Mountain.

“You know, I’m gonna go off on one of my rants, as I always do. It seems like the system is set up to keep poor people ignorant, and keep them inundated with propaganda and keep people in a cycle of poverty. They’re doing nothing but destroying the air and the water and blowing up mountains and then dumping entire mountains into valleys and filling up the streams. I don’t want West Virginia to become a moonscape. I’m proud to be a Mountaineer, and part of being a Mountaineer is loving mountains. Montani Semper Liberi, and the whole nine. Anyone who calls themselves a Mountaineer and is pro-mountaintop removal is a fool, or worse.”

And Morgantown is in for a treat Wednesday night, with Chucro, Slate Dump and the appropriately named Weird Paul Petrosky.

‘They’re gonna see weird on an unprecedented level,” Sells said. “We’re gonna be pushing the envelope all the way, blowing minds and havin’ fun.”

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