Monday afternoon video theft: Arcane Rifles “Loner Soul”

Being a prestigious blogger and supplicant freelancer, you come across and/or are introduced to people who are mainly just into mutual handwashing. This is fine; it is how our society and culture operates.

These are mainly people who are not in bands, and will send emails out asking people to do things for them only when they benefit them. Sometimes, after people email you asking for specific things to be done, you think it would not be rude to email them back and ask them about the possibility of doing a thing or two. They are not as interested in talking to you when it is YOU asking THEM to do something.

Morgantown resident, artist, and true friend of rockscene Eli Pollard is not one of these people. Having hooked us up with a pre-emptive burned copy of J Marinelli's Pre-Emptive Skankery Sessions late last year, and sending a PSS t-shirt, all at his expense, not even asking anything in return, and at least having the courtesy to respond to an email, dealing with and hearing from him on Facebook is a breath of fresh air.

Well, Pollard and his friend Eric Hastings, together as eFACTORe, have put together a rockin official version of Loner Soul from Lexington's Arcane Rifles. You may have caught Ben Allen, Phillip Farmer, and one James Marinelli out around Huntington or Morgantown, or heard them more recently on WRFL.

Pollard and Hastings have put together a great video for their song. Check it out, check out Arcane Rifles and thanks to Pollard for for being so nice. In as much as we know him online, we'll call him a friend.

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