Roadblock and John E. Sizemore explain the case of The Elvis Presley Murder Files


Tonight out in Huntington Jason Robinson (Roadblock) and John E. Sizemore bring the side project of their Scrap Iron Pickers outfit -- The Elvis Presley Murder Files -- to Shamrock's with cohorts Jude Blevins, Jimbo Valentine, and Jon Dunlap. They'll open for John Lancaster with Valentine's own side project, Soul of the Phoenix.

Not wanting this to turn into a cold case, we sought info from Roadblock and Sizemore re: The Elvis Presley Murder Files.

“The Elvis Presley Murder Files was a project created by John E. Sizemore and one of his friends years ago. They did a CD in two days that you can still purchase at Cat’s Back Records in Nitro.

The Scrap Iron Pickers is more of an organized musical experience, whereas John E. and I resurfaced EPMF to explore our freeform improvisational side. We listen to a lot of avant-garde, ambient, dub, and freeform jazz, too, and wanted to do something more freeform that we can make our noises and soundscapes with. Something improvisational that isn’t really a masturbatory jam band noodle fest.

We have a few themes that we work on but they never sound the same. We have done a show as a duo and this one there will be five people on stage. Lancaster was looking for an opening band and I was like ‘Hey EPMF might be able to do it.’


I called Jon E. and he said yeah, then I called Jude and he was in. Jimbo is on the bill so I called him and asked if he would be interested and he was as well. One of Jon E’s friends, John Dunlap, will be coming along as well.

If you want to know what to expect don’t ask me because I don’t know. No two performances will ever be the same.”

Sizemore, reached for comment, noted the band name is taken from a live John Zorn Naked City concert and that “The point is to scare the hell out of each other and whoever else is there.”

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