Sarasota: By The Wayside?

Like the more, reputable, professional news outlets, sometimes here at WVRockscene we have to track down and confirm someone's baseless allegations and/or rumors. Sometimes, the rumors or just the misplaced hopes of people need to be verified.

After seeing Wizards of Ghetto Mountain singer Chuck Fowlord post something about a Sarasota reunion show needing to happen, we thought, we need to see if this is happening, so we picked up the WVRockscene red phone.

Our hopes were up; the Huntington-based "booze-fueled" punk rock outfit's self-titled CD was and still is one of our favorites. And if we hadn't have left the memory card on the bar at the Blue Parrot, we would have footage of these dudes. But, unfortunately they're now defunct, but hey, everything changes, right?

So we emailed guitarist Jay Thomas to see what is up: can he either confirm or deny Fowlord's Facebook post?

Thomas actually remembered talking to me at the Parrot that night, and how awesome I thought The Decline t-shirt he was wearing was.

But here's what he said about Sarasota getting back together...

"A reunion show isn't really in the works. People in this town would like to see one, as well as everyone in the band. We've kind of kicked around the idea, but just talk. We haven't all been in the same room together since our last show, which is odd, considering our disbanding wasn't on bad terms at all.

"A reunion show would be great. If it does happen, I will definitely let you know. We would need help with getting people out to the show and what not as well. Lots of things would need to happen to make it work.

"Hey, here's to possibly doing a reunion show one day.


--- Jay Thomas
So maybe the fans and some venue out there could help make this happen. There are a few bands that it just seems like we'll always love, and for as long as these dudes were together, they nailed what they were going for. You can hear "Boy You Never Learn" off Sarasota's CD on the pullout player at the bottom left, and here's to them getting back together.

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