Just In: An Entirely Promising Development

Well, at the very last minute we heard about this ambient/drone act calling themselves Enoch playing Saturday night at Shamrock's with DGF and The Renfields. Made up of Chris Tackett (Hyatari), Jude Blevins (Satchell/Hyatari/Skinfork) and Andy Rivas (Bad Employees), it sounds like something awesome so we got on the red phone for quotage and/or nut graphs...

Andy Rivas:
I have never rehearsed with them. Monday morning I got an email from Jude inviting me to join the sound, and of course I said yes. I have some synths in the studio that I never take out with the Bad Employees shows partly due to their age, and also that we already have so much gear on stage.

In order to try something different, I decided to bring out a unique gem (vintage synth) that has not been working properly for quite some time, but is still used for BE recordings and is one of our secret weapons. I’ll be running that with some choice effects and just feeling out what’s going on with Jude and Chris. Also, Jude will be bringing some gear that I use as well and am familiar with, so when he decides to jump on his drums, I may help myself to some Moog action.

Jude Blevins:
Yeh Satchell was scheduled to open the show this Saturday but John [Vanover] injured his hand so we had to cancel. I talked to Ian [Thornton] about some stuff that me and Chris has been kicking around during Hyatari rehearsals and he was up for it. Chris thought of Andy and we went from there, yeh so it was pretty much last minute.

We haven’t rehearsed together as a whole and really to be honest it will be more of a improv set than a structured set. I love to improv, it keeps me on my toes. I think it keeps a connection between the players too, you need to know when to change it up a little when it’s not working.

As far as I know we will be doing one set around 45 minutes give or take.

I’m excited to be playing guitar, which I’ve wanted to do for a while now. I’ll have a bunch of Moog pedals and a Moog synthesizer too, then I’ll move over to the drum kit near the end. I think its gonna turn out cool. We have a plan but it’s nothing we’ve rehearsed as mentioned.

Chris Tackett:
I’ve wanted to do something like this for years, but this particular idea just came up this week. So yeah; no rehearsal for this. There won’t be any songs per se, nothing’s been planned out. We have some ideas about what we’d LIKE to have happen. Whether or not they do is anybody’s guess.

...on similarities to Hyatari:
It will probably end up being somewhat similar at times, just less structured. I would expect more drone and noise than a Hyatari show. Other than that, I don’t know what to expect myself.

...on the chance for more Enoch shows, and the design:
I hope to do this again for sure. The unpredictability factor is totally exciting, and a little scary to be honest. But that’s what makes it fun. The graphic is something I came up with just a couple of days ago. I thought, if we’re actually gonna do this, a visual might help get the idea across.

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