LOCAL REPORT: Weezer tribute & Co-Op benefit show @ 123 9.27

Have we mentioned how cool we think it is when people help us cover areas we can't get to? Yes. And how awesome it is when rockers come together to help a good cause? Of course. Have we mentioned how much we love Weezer? Not on this here blog.

All these things cosmically converge here because The Demon Beat played the 9.27 Weezer tribute Mountain People's Market Co-op benefit @ 123 Pleasant St. in Morgantown. Demon Beat member & rockscene friend Tucker Riggleman filed this dispatch for us to clue us in onto what went down up there...

"Here's the lowdown on the Weezer show. I can't say much, considering a lot of the bands were "all-star" type bands compiled for the show, but it was a fucking blast.

123 was literally sold-out. They had to turn people away. That is insane!

Personally, I can say that getting to play songs by a band that is so influential to us on stage to a sold-out crowd was completely intoxicating. It is really hard to describe.

It's also hard to describe how truly great every band was. Everyone really put a lot into this and it showed. It was incredible to witness first hand this kind of musical unity taking place in West Virginia all towards a common cause. I don't know the exact figures, but I'm sure the Mountain Co-op raised a great deal that night.

We even got the show listed on the official Weezer website to help promote it ahead of time, which was super cool to say the least."

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