Sunday evening video theft: Hyatari live @ the Thirsty Whale 8.15.09

In the normal process of putting stuff together on Hyatari for the Huntington Herald-Dispatch, we happened upon drummer Jude Blevins' MySpace page.

There, not for the first time, but maybe most appropriately this time, we spent some quality minutes watching the band perform "Collapse" off their debut The Light Carriers (not the 15 minute version), and their cover of Seam's "Autopilot," ending their 8.15.09 set at The Thirsty Whale in drone-tastic fashion.

Of course, normal readers of this blog (hi, you two!) will recognize the date, and maybe even the sound, from the live download Hyatari recently made available from the show.

Hyatari: “Collapse”

Hyatari: “Autopilot”

Maybe you got their most recent full-length, They Will Surface, and didn't get Light Carriers; you can find a link to download it online if you look. You can also find our review of Surface if you search this site; we know you won't.

Kudos to dozens12 for uploading this; very good job. And maybe look for something awesome on the band in the paper in time for their 8.31 show at the V Club.

flyer: Jimbo Valentine

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