New '85 Flood CD "Junkbone" out Oct. 16

Sometimes we're glad we signed up on MySpace. Really.

And this is a good example of why; just got advance word on the new CD from Magic Town's '85 Flood called Junkbone. It's not anything you wouldn't know about if you were friends with the Flood on MySpace, the platform that makes us mad more than is good for us.

But sometimes we're able to find out about cool stuff on there; look for the CD soon, and why not check out our chat with Flood frontman Aaron Hawley from back around his birthday in May?

That's a question, so we put a question mark at the end, but it's not a rhetorical question. Check out the post, find out where the Flood recorded at (where most Morgantown bands do) and look for us to hopefully snag a copy of this here CD.

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