Aaron Hawley turns 30

‘85 Flood’s Aaron Hawley turns 30 Friday night w/a few Magic Town friends

Not everyone can have as rockin’ a birthday party as Aaron Hawley has lined up this weekend. Friday at Gene’s in Morgantown, he’ll be joined by a few of his ‘85 Flood bandmates and Magic Town luminaries Billy Matheny, Andy Tuck (The Greens), and Kevin Post (The Emergency/Thick As Thieves) to help him celebrate turning the big three-oh.

“It’s really just a party,” the 29-year old said over email. “I’m playing six tunes with Adam and Dusty from the Flood, Matheny, Tuck and Post.”

Someone who's helped put together so many big Magic Town shows and been so important to the scene up there sees the the evening as a own reward in its own right.

“That right there is pretty much my present to myself, then I’m just hanging out watching and drinking all night.”

In addition to the birthday show, Hawley said he was stoked about next weekend's show at 123 Pleasant Street with The Sneakies, whom Hawley described as “Morgantown’s next great band.”

“They’re really fantastic, and fronted by Haley Slagle of the Frustrations. Also at that show One Foot in the Gravy makes their triumphant return with Jeff Goodwin of Law Biting Citizens drumming.”

Hawley’s not only looking forward to the shows. He said ‘85 Flood will be heading into Zone 8 Studios next month to work on the follow-up to Toolshed Shangri-La with Mark Poole, who seems to work with just about every cool rock band up that way, with a September release planned.

“We’re really excited,” Hawley said. “We think the batch of tunes we have this time around are more polished and soulful. That, and it’s always a blast hanging out with Mark.”

Gene’s is located at 461 Wilson Avenue in Morgantown, call 292.1147
photo: Karlo Gesner

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