Get Re-animated w/The Renfields!

We recently heard that our favorite Transylvania-based pogo-punk outfit lost their bassist The Fiend, to what was likely a horrific, bloody incident involving a lawnmower, axe, or chainsaw.

You could say he likely "lost his head" -- again!

If you're up near Fairmont, play bass, love horror movies, have heard The Night THEY Came Home, Bastard Sons of Ed Wood, Stalk and Slash Splatterama, or, just love The Ramones, contact our friend Vincent Renfield about playing bass for The Renfields.

Oh, we forgot to mention you have to be totally open-minded to being un-dead for an undisclosed amount of time.

But check out The Renfields, and check out our all-time favorite Renfields track "Prom Night" on the perfectly functional pull-out player conveniently located at the bottom left hand side of the blog here.

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