Thievery is up in Magic Town

It’s not all the time that we get cool emails about rockin’ new bands from Morgantown. Such was the case a few days ago whenst we logged onto our Gmail account, and lo and behold, it was Wes Thomas.

Formerly of The Ones That Got Away and more recently Red Bones, Wes was letting us know about a new project he’s got going up that way called Thick As Thieves. Made up of Thomas, Red Bones bassist (and former Masses bandmate) Jason Harler and Kevin Post from The Emergency on drums, not only were we getting a scoop, we got mp3s attached. Good deal.

Thomas said one cool thing about the new band is he and Harler share the songwriting duties.

“I’m liking the dual songwriting approach. It gives us both a break from singing; there’s more material to work with so it feels more productive. I still like all the TOTGA stuff but I’m basically just starting from scratch now as far as writing songs, which is nice because I’m free to just play whatever.”

"In The Thick" brought TOTGA and "Slice It Twice" to mind, with Thomas on vocals, while "Like Hell" features Harler singing. You can hear both songs on their new MySpace profile.

Thomas said aside from any musical comparisons to the Ones or Red Bones, simple geographic proximity makes for more convenient rocking.

“With this band we get to practice more often since we all live in Morgantown. For a long time with TOTGA, Derek [Thomas] and Zak [Richards] lived in Charleston or Huntington. We’d maybe manage to practice two weekends a month at most. It was kind of hard to keep together after awhile.”

Wes said Thick As Thieves recorded the two songs at Zone 8 studios, and the mp3s were a bit of a taste of what's in store.

“We’d like to get more recorded. It’s just a matter of scraping together some funds. We have enough songs for an album at this point and are working on new stuff and playing shows.”

Thick As Thieves will play their first show Saturday night with Russian Tombstones joining them for a U92 Up All Night party at the Mountain Lair at WVU.

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