Singles meeting singles

Shepherdstown is as far from Huntington as you can get without entering Maryland; about 260 miles. Area bands and fans may be forgiven for not exactly being in the know when it comes to both towns. It took Teays Valley's Caustic Eye Productions to tie the two together with a few cool rock bands.

This Friday The Demon Beat will welcome Bud Carroll and the Southern Souls to Skull City for a homecoming of sorts and, to release the split single the two bands teamed up on.

Demon Beat bassist Tucker Riggleman said the idea for the limited release effort came from Caustic Eye’s Rod Lanham.

“Rod approached us about putting out a split featuring ourselves and Bud Carroll & the Southern Souls. He noticed that we had a few shows coming up together, so he thought it’d be a good idea to do a limited run to be sold strictly at those shows.”

“I knew they were having a couple of shows together, and figured a good way to promote both shows was by having something new from both of them available exclusively there,” Lanham said when reached for comment at an undisclosed location, deep underground.

“Bud has his own studio, and The Demon Beat were headed into the studio soon, so why not get new material? The big Indies do splits all the time.”

“We were all about it because we’d been following Bud for a while and were really excited about getting some shows together,” Riggleman added.

The Demon Beat has been to Huntington a few times in recent months for shows at the V Club and Shamrock’s. But it was a trip to Morgantown for a show at 123 Pleasant Street that was necessary to make the release possible, Riggleman said.

“We took the opportunity to record with good friend (and amazing engineer) Brian Spragg, guitarist/vocalist for It’s Birds. We took this opportunity to release some songs that are slightly different than what we have been doing,” he admitted. “So we put on a punk song and a country-ish song. Brian did a tremendous job, and we are really excited to get this split out to fans at the coming shows.”

The split single will be available at Friday’s show at Stonewall’s Pub (the Beat's first show in their hometown since they released their EP in November) and March 14th at Shamrock’s, when The Demon Beat will make the short drive to Huntington to play with Carroll and the Souls for what will by then be the third time. Sandwiched between the two dates is a March 7th gig in the notoriously raucous college town of Athens Ohio, home of the Bobcats.

Riggleman said the home-and-home split release series works good for both bands. “I’m really glad that we are doing these shows on each other’s turfs. I hope people respond and come out in good numbers.”

He closed by thanking Spragg and Lanham for making the release possible.

“We want to really thank Rod for taking on this project for no other reason than he really digs what both bands are doing. This is the kind of support that is helping the West Virginia music scene make somewhat of a comeback, and really get people excited about going to shows again.”

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