A Lonely Town gets lonelier?

We're sitting on a lot of of posts and/or feature-type stuff that we've been wanting to get out, but just haven't yet. We're excited about 'em all, from the new CDs, cool new area bands, and even a few shows that, yes, we may try to attend. Just look at the upcoming show schedule; it's exciting.

One thing not so exciting? A Charleston area bar shutting down, temporarily, we assume, over a liquor license. One that books cool bands from time to time.

Lonely Town is/was set to release their debut CD next Friday (the 27th) at the Blue Parrot, from what frontman Mark Bates recently told us. We'd very much look forward to hearing the CD; although we haven't caught Lonely Town live yet, we did see Bates and his Vacancies, and have heard through various channels that the band is legit. He himself seems hugely talented. You can catch them in a recent episode of Radio Free Charleston. Now Rudy owes us $50.

Well, we just read that the show scheduled for tonight at the Parrot was shit-canned at the last minute due to a problem with the bar's liquor license. We were told this by someone running DeadFaceDown's MySpace profile, in response to their bulletin about the show being called off at the last minute.

This will hopefully work itself out soon and the Parrot will be back selling liquor and shit ASAP, or Charleston will have just one regular venue for bands, the Glass. The Sound Factory just hosted Larry Keel and will welcome Karma To Burn to town next month, but it seems like they haven't had hardly any shows in recent months.

So, in summation, one piece of good news (a cool new CD from a cool new local band) is dampened somewhat by one piece of bad news about an area bar not being able to host shows. Poop.

But we're positive thinkers here at WVRockscene, and can see the silver lining; Lonely Town's new CD is available NOW, so you don't have to wait for a show that may not happen to get it. Check 'em out online and out live somewhere in the coming weeks and months.

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