Weekend Roundup (Charlottesville Invades): Mark Bates, Lake & Ocean w/Librarians

Coupla neat shows lined up this weekend with rockin' acts that we may or may not have covered here. Wanted to take the opportunity to get the word out...

Hurricane native Mark Bates (pic above) returns to Charleston this weekend for shows at the Glass Friday night w/Aaron Fisher's new band Ghost Fleet, and Saturday at Haddad Riverfront Park, opening for the Charlottesville, Virginia-based band of brothers Sons of Bill, out on their "Life In Shambles" Tour.

Maybe you got to check out the super-awesome artikel on Bates in today's Charleston Gazette, maybe you read our review of Bates' CD Down The Narrow and want to pick it up. Wait, if you read one of our CD reviews and consequently wanted to pick up the CD, let us know; there's a first time for everything.

Or maybe you're just going to be out and about and like good music. That works.

Up in Magic Town, pretty neat show lined up for Friday night, as Lake & Ocean join Librarians and the Charlottesville-based indie act Astronomers for an evening of rock at 123 Pleasant Street. Hey, yeah we did review Lake & Ocean's debut EP Pull and Librarians' recent Present Passed, for what it's worth; any publicity is good publicity, right? But the conveniently placed flyer below has all the relevant info.

Either way, now you know.

Bates pic: Ryan Newman

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