The Renfields pre-release songs from new CD

Those who know Max and the super professional editorial staff here at WVRockscene know how much we love the horror movie-themed pogo-punk rock stylings of The Renfields. Based in Transylvania (via Clarksburg) and brought to life through some nefarious project straight out of The Re-Animator, the band is pre-releasing songs from their upcoming CD Stalk and Slash Splatterama Pt. 2: Exploitation Extravaganza, on their MySpace.

We're looking forward to hearing the new CD so a few weeks ago we caught up with frontghoul Vincent Renfield (artist rendering above) to see what was up, and the relative possibility of Huntington shows...

Bleedings! Glad you haven’t forgotten about us! We would love to return to Huntington... our last show there was a blast... Great horror town!

[Stalk and Slash Splatterama Pt. 2: Exploitation Extravaganza] is almost done... It’s been a long road to this point with the recording but we’ve finally got all of the primary tracks done... Thursday will be our last day of recording.

The cover art has changed slightly so I’ll send a copy of that tonight via email.

We are all going crazy wanting to play shows but we have been turning them down until the album is finished. I’ll send you a copy as soon as it's in the can!

Slay Ghoul!

(ed. note) Hear "Prom Night" from The Renfields CD The Night THEY Came Home on the pullout player below left

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