WVRockscene: mid-January update special

Yes, dear friends, WVRockscene is still fully operational. Been working on all kinds of awesomeness that we cannot at this time either confirm or deny.

There have been two promising developments in recent days WVRockscene related. We will spell them out thusly:

1. Our friend Whiskey Brian from the Whiskey & Waterbeds podcast recently did an hour-plus long interview with the head editor in charge of WVRockscene, Max Power. Whole lotta cool area bands songs got played, and Max stammered about regarding why people just don't like the blog anymore, assuming people liked it in the first place.

B. Always late to catch on to any cool technology trends, WVRockscene recently set up its own bandcamp page. On said page will be hosted some of our favorite CDs from bands that are either defunct or no longer selling the CDs. All CDs are uploaded as free downloads (with permission from the bands) and we're looking forward to posting more.

So, check that out, and maybe sometime in the spring we'll get around to posting something here.

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