Renfields Halloween @ the Parrot

Our good friends in the Transylvania-based pogo punk horror movie-themed outfit The Renfields return to Charleston Friday for a show at the Blue Parrot, as you can clearly see in the conveniently placed flyer above.

What you may not see, is that our good friend Dave Cantrell, formerly of The Concept, was murdered and re-animated as The Renfields bassist The Fiend. There's also s'posed to be a zombie walk before the show, somehwhere in Charleston. That should fit right in with The Renfields.

Also playing is Charleston's rockabilly band The Fabulous Bros. Steele, who, last we checked, had a bass player that helped rewire the electric in the WVRockscene home office. The Bros. Steele were also said to be recording out Fayetteville way this month.

See? That's the kind of hardcore info you can only get at WVRockscene.

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