Todd Burge talks about 63 Eyes' "Cassette Days"

As part of our “Cassette Days” series, Todd Burge talked with us about his time in the Morgantown-area band 63 Eyes. Pictured below are some tapes Burge has managed to hold on to, with brief descriptions from Todd.

Hear our mp3 interview with Burge at bottom...

(Clockwise from top left)

Bunj -- “Worthless Serenade”

This was a cassette only release post-Larries, pre-63 Eyes. Landed me a recording contract that took me places...places like, nowhere and then back...ha

63 Eyes first Underground Railroad show Oct 30, 1986. Recorded from the sound board.

Todd Burge -- “New World Out of Order” (1991)

My second solo release, on cassette only. This was a recording of tunes written around the time of the first Gulf war, thus, the play on Bush’s “New World Order”

Perry Kirk, drummer for 63 Eyes at the time, did the cool cover photo. It isn’t a double exposure and of course, not photoshop; he stapled stuff on plexi-glass

Owen Davis and Todd Burge -- “Live at Maxwell’s Morgantown” (1992)

Owen Davis is my musical hero.

63 Eyes -- “Gravel” (1993?)

A cassette only release, recorded at the recording workshop in Chillicothe on the same board used on John Lennon’s “Double Fantasy.” That didn’t make the recording any better, but it is a cool thought to me. Might release this one next year.

63 Eyes self-titled cassette (1996, I’m thinking??)

Various songs from unreleased and compilation recordings.

mp3: “Cassette Days” 63 Eyes interview with Todd Burge

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