Marinelli approved: The Limbs @ 123 Pleasant St. 5.21

Described as everything from “Tom Waits meets Bad Brains” to “one part Frank Zappa, one part Leonard Cohen and one part Modest Mouse” (by other people, not us), Denver, Colorado-based rocker John Mazzucco brings his one-man rock and roll act known as The Limbs to Morgantown Friday for a show at 123 Pleasant Street.

Maybe you’ve already seen him ‘round these here parts when he’s swung through with another one-man band, some guy named J Marinelli. “Friend of Rockscene” member David F. Bello will open.

Just wanted to get this up to plug the show and let our fans (hi you two!) know we’re still here. Stay tuned. Or, tune out, but then tune back in tomorrow or something.

Photo: Keri Jones

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