Help Wanted: Karma To Burn questions from fans

Karma To Burn returns to West Virginia with "Appalachian Incantation" next week. KTB fans: If you had a chance to interview the guys, what would YOU ask 'em?

So, everything is looking good for us to interview Karma To Burn for an upcoming article in the Huntington Herald-Dispatch.

As what we're hoping will be a neat way for KTB fans to interact with the band, we'd like to get user-submitted questions for the band that we might miss, from the people who know 'em the best; their fans.

KTB has just released "Appalachian Incantation" -- their first CD in eight years -- and is playing Charleston, Huntington and Morgantown next weekend. Obviously there is a lot to talk about; we've already touched base with Rich Mullins, and are set to talk to him and Will Mecum Wednesday.

We've got our own questions lined up like ducks in a row. But maybe there's a perspective that you can add to the article.

We've never done something like this, but would like to hear what KTB fans would ask the guys if they had the chance.
Feel free to comment here with cool questions, be they of the hard-hitting or softball variety, or email us at wvrockscene@gmail.com. We know there are a ton of area fans who love these guys and thought it would be cool to do this.

Karma To Burn: "Waiting on the Western World" (w/Daniel Davies of Year Long Disaster)


WVRockscene! said...

Got this question at the gmail from someone calling themselves Huskermats...

"In the minds of many you are carrying the musical torch for the state of West Virginia, so do you feel a sense of responsibility as ambassadors for the state, and what role did Huntington play in the band's success, even going back as far as the band's early days and initial appearances at Gumby's?"

WVRockscene! said...

Just got this KTB question from a Ms. Iniguez, who we can assume is a real person, and maybe just in time for us to catch up with Rich Mullins (who's been very cool) --

Would love to know the answer to this question:

"How on earth do you guys remember which song is which? It seems difficult to differentiate the song titles when they are all numbers."