Shows statewide canceled Thursday!

We've never been big on April Fools Day pranks, but yeah there are a coupla rockin' shows lined up around the state, and no, despite what you read in the title of this post, the shows will still go on...

Morgantown's Billy Matheny makes the short drive to Huntington for a show at Shamrock's with Shepherdstown's Prison Book Club and the Bud Carroll Band Thursday night. The Huntington Herald-Dispatch had a pretty neat artikel on Matheny (well, at least it didn't have any typos) by some handsome devil, with a haircut that makes Jim Traficant look like Rod Blagojevich. Cool lineup. Check out our Q&A with PBC here, and revisit our recent chat with Carroll here.

Up in Magic Town, Lake and Ocean is set to play 123 Pleasant Street with Depresbyterians and David F. Bello. Read our very sober (like there's any other kind) review of Lake and Ocean w/J Marinelli at the Sound Factory here, and check out our lame attempt at reviewing Lake and Ocean's debut EP Pull right here. Sounds good to us if yer up that way.

Update: Just heard from L&O's Nick Bradley that Depresbyterians had to cancel...and, this just in: our friends in Thick As Thieves have jumped onto the bill; nice.

more to come...

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