We're all friends here! (No out-of-state bands or bot promoters, though)

It recently came to our attention that we had our MySpace settings to not allow bands to request us as friends. We're pretty sure that was done when we were under cyber-attack from bots, getting phished and having to change our password all the time.

We've cast off the reigns of oppression over there and if you're a band, reading this sentence, you can now freely send us a friend request without fear of having it bitchslapped straight to Hades. Or worse, sitting in the new friend request "purgatory" of the inbox; never to be accepted, in online limbo forever.

We're always glad to hear new bands not only from West Virginia (that we like) but all over the country; from Cambridge, Massachusetts' (Arms and Sleepers), to Sarasota, and even plumb to Ohio! (Whiskey Daredevils, Legbone) -- You know our feelings about Buckeyes -- we've found a few rockin' out-of-state bands.

We've also got a lot of good offers for our "band" over at the MySpace; from gig opportunities to professional promotions for MySpace bulletin posting. Surely there's someone on the other end, right? Making money off posting MySpace bulletins?!

And for the purpose of this post, yes, Sarasota is a town in Florida, there are way more cool out-of-state bands that have come through, and we post unique content, right? We can at least take up some space and make a post until we get our next killer features up in the next few days.

Mission accomplished.

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