New music from J Marinelli

Even though J Marinelli has moved to Kentucky, that's alright, because of the ol' internet we can keep tabs on him. He's uploaded a few tunes off the upcoming "Stone Age Kicks (Vol. II)" and "Pre-Emptive Skankery" releases. He's just uploaded his cover of the Guided By Voices song "The Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory" on his MySpace page and we think it's one of the coolest songs we've heard him do.

And we've heard a lot of his tunes, having rocked "Pity The Party," "Keep It Fake" and the cover tape download "Stone Age Kicks" -- "Fake" is probably our favorite CD, period.

Take the opportunity to check out Marinelli and this previously unposted video of him at the Glass back in January. It rocks we promise.

So, our loss is those bootleggin' moonshinin' bluegrass lovin' (like us) Kentucky residents' gain. Who knows, maybe we'll see Marinelli again.

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