The Concept & The Dig-Its make changes

Two of our favorite area punk bands recently made some lineup changes. Most recently, our friends in The Concept welcomed guitarist Bryan Flowers into the fold. The former Drop Ded Phred member has one full practice with the band under his belt as of this writing and has been working daily with singer-guitarist Mike Withrow on getting things down in time for this Friday's show at The Empty Glass.

"He's caught on so fast it's insane," Withrow said when reached for comment. Withrow, who's known Flowers since 9th grade, described him as an "awesome musician" and described the band's internal decision making process as it relates to adding a fourth member.

"We've talked about it for a while in different conversations," Withrow said. "Here lately we've just been thinking that we were missing a key element. We all talked and Bryan was the only one we talked about, he's a great musician and a hell of a guy, it wasn't a hard choice at all."

Bassist Dave Cantrell was quoted (by us) on the new addition to the band from a recent MySpace bulletin. "...he will bring a new element to our musical direction and a new sense of excitement." That's right; we cited a MySpace bulletin!

You can catch the new lineup this Friday at the Glass with B Rude, Meuwl, and Brain Trauma.

The Dig-Its, who play The Blue Parrot Friday night, have changed singers in recent months, adding Rikki Neon to the band as singer. Drummer Bob Caution said that, with a few shows under their belt and new tunes on tap, the band is still rockin.

"We've been writing some badass stuff, and working on a few new covers for your listening enjoyment. I won't go too far into details, but sufficed to say, things are going quite smoothly."

Caution summed up the band's status thusly: "Lots of creative juices flowin" and did indeed confirm the recording of a new "greatest hits" type CD from the band. "Some old, some new, some borrowed, all rock," is how Caution described the project.

And Caution was quite honest about the appeal of the Parrot to the band.

"We fucking love it. Much love to Tom [Crouse] and the folks that make it out there to all of our shows. Looking forward to playing it on the 15th!"

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