WVRockscene gets Hovel!

Very good! We came across pitures of Hovel at 123 Pleasant St. on their Myspace. Regardless of when the show was, or who took the pic (unknown), the most important question remains: WHO IS IN THEIR UNDERWEAR ONSTAGE WITH THE BAND? Has to be the coolest guy EVER!

Oh and Hovel rocks hard indeed. Check out GammaMinusMachineMinder on their profile. The song features an extended sample from Alex Jones in the Richard Linklater movie Waking Life. They let WVRockscene play it a while back (thanks) and it is killer indeed.

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Anonymous said...

Thats the infamous Joe Cesa. Former drummer of Into The Void, Pumpin Ethyl, and the singer of STDio.

If you see Joe around town tell him gobble gobble and buy him a shot of Wild Turkey!