3FT MP3s on CD Baby

From Pete Hurt with Threefold Theory...

"Hey everyone! We just wanted to tell you about this new deal that we have with CD Baby. You can now download a digital copy (MP3) of our first album, loveHATElive, for only $6 for the entire album! That equates to only 75 cents per song and it's delivered immediately through a download to your PC, no waiting, no shipping, etc.

Of course if you still like the traditional way of shopping, you can order the CD from the same site for only $8! Either way, you'll have instant satisfaction, guaranteed, THREEFOLD!

What are you waiting for? Go check it out now and spread the word: cdbaby.com/cd/threefold

If you're out and about this coming Saturday, March 15th, in the Huntington, WV area, come down and check us out live at Sharkey's Fins Cafe, 410 10th Street. Show starts around 10:30pm! Hope to see you there!"

Pete, Scott and Nik

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