Live Review: Hudson Falcons, Wine & Water, Black Acid Over Drive, The Transmissions @ Shamrock's 6.25

By Chuk Fowlord

New Jersey's Hudson Falcons brought their working class brand of punk rock back to Huntington once again on this humid summer night.

First up was Black Acid Over Drive. A little out of place on this bill with their modern metal stylings. Live they reminded me of Black Label Society, Lamb of God, a tad bit of Down (which I love) and other modern metal influences. I'm not really into that scene and why they were on this bill is a mystery to me but a diverse lineup for a show is good. Something for everybody.

Next up was Ashland Kentucky's The Transmissions. I love this band. Great old school punk rock. Think The Ramones, Blanks 77, Johnny Thunders, The Dead Boys, The Cramps, and all the great sleazy aspects of punk rock. Live, they deliver the goods; a great old school sound with a great bass player with chops, a vocalist that if he wanted to could be as good as Stiv Bators.

They played a great set and it's good to hear a punk rock band that actually plays punk rock in 2011. Good stuff.

After The Transmissions great set Wine and Water took the stage to continue the great night of diverse slabs of rock to be dished out to the crowd. Wine and Water seem comfortable in their new formation with Cody Lynch on drums and vocals.

Wine and Water seem to be hitting their stride as a band now. Not just as a side project for Cody Lynch -- Wine and Water is becoming its own entity. Dave Mistich handled the bass duties but needs to start shakin his booty a lil more, hahahaha. If you haven't heard Wine and Water they are a great melting pot of musical influences such as Bruce Springsteen, Hot Water Music, The Clash, etc.

This new incarnation is getting better with each show and they have been recording so be on the lookout for some new music from these guys.

The Hudson Falcons have been playing shows in Huntington for years. They have been putting out quality records for a decade plus and Mark Linsky has been the mastermind for the Falcons. The night's set was full of great songs off their albums such as Desperation and Revolution, For Those Whose Hearts and Souls are True, and La Famiglia.

An added bonus was my good friend Pete from the Gc5 (a great band you should check out) was playing second guitar for the Falcons. The Hudson Falcons on June 25th 2011 were on fire. They showed the Shamrock's crowd what a real rock n roll show is supposed to look like, sound like, feel like.

I mean they were amazing. A band that reminded me of seasoned veteran heavyweight champs that don't know nothing but being heavyweight champs being heavyweight champs. Let me tell you the Hudson Falcons knocked out the crowd for sure. A pummeling set of rocker after rocker that despite Pete having some technical issues was a sight to see, a sound to hear.

Bands like the Hudson Falcons only get that good with years of experience with members from bands that have years of experience that really put on a good show.

The Hudson Falcons crowd is the realest of the real. No bullshit posturing. The people there that night were real people that wanted to rock. A great crowd assembled for a great band. The set was long and the crowd was left sweaty and wore out. I enjoyed the hell out of myself and so did everyone in attendance.

So if you have not heard the Hudson Falcons check out their records and catch 'em next time they come to town. Which if we're lucky will be soon.

Chuk Fowlord over and out for wv rock scene.

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Anonymous said...

Great review! Have'nt seen these fuckers since 97-98,in Portsmouth NH at the legendary Elvis Room. No frills,bullshit band who deliver the god damned goods! I remember whispering to Linsky at the time,"dude,you guys blow the Ducky Boys off the stage",who were pretty popular then.