Straight Outta Roanoke, It's Joey Fuckup

You loved him on Whiskey & Waterbeds, got burned on his Hayride to Hell, and laughed and puked at the same time hearing his Trailer Park Free Clinic Power Hour.

Now, Joey Camp wants to talk to you about a serious subject, his new Cheap Beer & BBQ Radio podcast.

If you go around telling people you're "Waaaay more Country" than they are, or, just wanna hear more "50's rockabilly, classic country, 60's garage, a dash of surf, and a smack of vintage bluegrass," as Joey says on the site, you'll wanna swing by.

In episode number one, Joey finds out just how much fun he can have sober, and the answer is, apparently, not that much. But even if he's not drinking, or grilling up who knows what, he still has the passion for playing killer tunes, and hopefully that's something he never has to go into rehab for.

But, don't take Tucker McElroy's word for it, swing by and check out the pilot episode, or add Cheap Beer & BBQ on MySpace.

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IBWIP said...

Joey is a great friend of mine and knows his music. Glad to see him getting some mad love!