When the man comes to town (let's get awesome)

As far as we know, J Marinelli is still supposed to bring his angry one man band's version of maximum stomp and swing to The Sound Factory w/Lake and Ocean Friday 2.12.

Whoever has been booking shows at the Sound Factory in recent months, booking more and more Magic Town acts, deserve kudos. Elephant Child and True Colour of Blood should be dug out of the snow, and are scheduled to play. Hopefully Marinelli will be back when his new CD Pre-Emptive Skankery comes out, so we can pick it up.

Check out this awesome pic of Marinelli by Andy Pickens!

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"Hey Pinkerton/She's My Cheerwine"

"A Little Action"

"Lying In State"

"Let's Get Awesome"

"Ex-Lion Tamer" by Wire & "She Said" by Hasil Adkins

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