VIDEO: "Glenn Beck" by FOX Japan

FOX Japan - "Glenn Beck" (NSFW) from Andy Pickens on Vimeo.

Just heard about FOX Japan getting their video for "Glenn Beck" up, and with frontman Charlie Wilmoth's permission, we get to play it here! With art by Jesse Young and edited by Andy Pickens, we think this video will take its rightful place in the pantheon of all-time viral Glenn Beck video hits, such as:

2. 9/11 truthers threaten Obama in the White House, and are just as bad as the guy that shot the guard at the D.C. Holocaust Memorial, and
3. I really like this band Muse...oh wait, they called the show and told me to stop endorsing their band.

Those are just what he's said on his show, after he said Ron Paul supporters were domestic terrorists and should be arrested. We bet you'd sell your soul for $50 million dollars.

But kudos to FOX Japan and Young/Pickens for getting this out. And don't forget to check out FOX Japan's CD Reenactment, it really was one of the best CDs we heard last year.

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Charlie Wilmoth said...

Thanks, Nick. By the way, nobody needs our permission to repost it--repost it everywhere!