Ten In 2010

10. David F. Bello tribute compilation

Just heard about this, and it sounds cool. Check out the link.

9. Lake and Ocean CD release

Ever heard of shoegaze? Dig it? Maybe you should check out the release from these Magic Town dudes, then. We’d look forward to rocking it.

8. The Gentlemen St. Patrick’s Day show @ 123 Pleasant St.

No way in Hades we’re making it to Morgantown, but, if you’re anywhere near, and you’re into the whole Celt punk thing, by all means go to this show! Whether you like Killian’s or Guinness, or, a black and tan, maybe, you’ll love The Gentlemen!

7. Byzantine back doing shows (w/BRDME)

The widely and critically acclaimed Charleston metal band returns (without a label) for a few area shows in March, one, with Skip Cromer’s Burt Reynolds Death Metal Experiment, which, last we heard, has a CD (and action figures?) in the works.

6. The RenfieldsStalk and Slash Splatterama Pt. 2

From what Vincent told us, this EP was near release in late 2009, and, judging from everything they’ve ever done, we’ll no doubt love this release. Maybe look for Team Transylvania to take a turn for the hardcore punk on this release, maybe.

5. Black KnotsNone More Fresh

What would’ve been a near 20-song Guitarmageddon CD was broken in half, and may mark a bit of a departure from the Knots’ gnarly sound and attitude. Maybe not; we’ll just have to wait and see what comes from these Huntington dudes.

4. Bud Carroll & The Southern Souls play Mountain Stage

It looks like Carroll and crew impressed the right people (no, not us), as they’ve been invited to play the long running, prestigious NPR show in February. They’ll no doubt impress a lot more fans with their bluesy, soulful Southern rock stylings. Maybe this will be their last show, who knows? Better make some more copies of Wasted Words & Best Intentions, though.

3. Billy Matheny CD release

In response to our baseless allegation/hope, we now have independent confirmation of a follow-up to Born of Frustration, due out sometime later this year. While Matheny has been busy helping out in Athens, Ohio’s Southeast Engine, he told us recently that, indeed, he’s still rockin’, and looking forward to getting this out. We’re looking forward to hearing it.

2. Jeff EllisThe Forgetting Place

The Logan native, Huntington resident, MU student, Army Reservist and Mountain Stage NewSong winner comes home to release the follow-up to Covering The Distance, our favorite CD from way back in 2008. We’ve already got hooked up with a burned copy, and look forward to March, when it’s s’posed to drop for real. Like Matheny and Carroll, Ellis has cemented himself in the local rock god pantheon in the last few years, and on the new CD, will no doubt continue to impress, regardless of who’s marketing his music.

1. J Marinelli’s Pre-Emptive Skankery

Looks like 14 tracks on the new one (a few you may have heard), recorded by Mark Poole, due out this spring. If this is as good as Keep It Fake, look for this to be at or near the top of our best of 2010, contingent, of course, on us getting the CD, the internet still being around, and us having electricity. Even though Marinelli isn’t technically a West Virginia resident anymore, Kentucky isn’t as bad as Ohio; once a Mountaineer always a Mountaineer, and we still love his angry one-man band.

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