Top 10 songs of 2009

10. “Swamp Thing” by The Scrap Iron Pickers

Off what may be the surprise hit CD of 2009 from one of the best new bands around, this standout track on the debut effort, with Bud Carroll and Jeff Ellis contributing, it’s no small wonder the hard rockin’, harmonica-soaked acoustic track stays in your head. Read our review: here.

9. “War Time In North London” by The Gentlemen

From the opening tom roll and bagpipes, through the whoahs, the eight-piece Celt-punk outfit from Morgantown has a punk rock power and attitude that will last and last and last and last, but, just barely 2 minutes long, fits right in our attention span. Read our review: here.

8. “Time Travel” by Jude Universer

In case you ever wondered what your imagined combination of Weezer and The Rentals (yeah, plus Spacehog) would have sounded like, this is close. Check out the side project from this notable Shepherdstown drummer for sure by 2010; don’t be like us and put it off. You will be magically transported back to 1994.

7. “Some Things” by ‘85 Flood

This sweet, sweet bluesy tune off Junkbone is kind of emblematic of how we put our top 10 together; it may not be the the “best” song on the CD per se, but it sure is our favorite. Frontman Aaron Hawley sings in his near-patented gravelly voice about the things that really matter, that you find cleaning out your closets. Killer solo, too. Read our review: here and hear the song over at our MySpace page.

6. “Glenn Beck” by Fox Japan

A totally fictionalized account of the infamous talk radio and TV show host harassing Cold Stone employees, masturbating, having his show axed and driving around the country collecting his thoughts, deciding to join the Peace Corps and go to India -- all set to quirky punk rock. WVRockscene = Socialists!

5. “Nowhere Town” by Bud Carroll & the Southern Souls

A pretty ode to whatever local rust belt-type town you might be living in or from, from one of the hardest rockers in the state. Pretty much sums up what a lot of people may feel like ‘round here in armpitville. Read our review: here.

4. “Make My Move” by The Demon Beat

One of a few new songs from these Shepherdstown guys that could have been in the top 10. We dig this one in particular. The jangly guitar and catchy progressions, frontman Adam Meisterhans’ strained, lovelorn crooning, along with a killer solo, kick this one up a few notches.

This song would’ve fit well on their debut Heavy Nasty. These guys had something to prove, and on Shit, We’re 23, they did. Read our review: here.

3. “I Will Believe” by Bad Employees

The feel good hit of the summer is now the feel good hit of the winter; we can still hear the acoustic and the synth. Really the standout track on their Looking For Werk CD not just because it’s our fave, but stylistically it stands out from the more techno stuff, which is also cool. Looking forward to hearing more werk from Andy and John. Read our review: here.

2. “Under The Rowan Tree” by The Gentlemen

Grab a pint, raise your glass and sing along with The Gentlemen in the pub, as they serenade their old friend. The acoustic guitar and the sprightly whistle, along with the touching sentiment, will make this tune one of your favorites, too. Can a band have more than one song in the top 10? The answer is yes. Read our review: here.

1. “A Change Is Gonna Come” by Black Knots

A great song off a great CD. Really a no-brainer from our perspective; this standout anthem from the hard-rockin’ Huntington four-piece has been at the top of our list all year, along with their self-produced sophomore release Guitarmageddon, the Knots really put out in 2009.

We look forward to hearing the follow-up to Guitarmageddon, None More Fresh, whenever it comes out in 2010, if Internet1 is still around. Read our review: here.

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