Say It Ain't So: Sarasota's Last Show

One of our favorite bands -- Huntington's booze-fueled punk rock four-piece Sarasota -- is playing their last show this Saturday night at Shamrock's.

We won't revisit the time we got to see them at the Parrot, losing the memory card with footage of the band at the bar, and the "unpleasantness" that followed. Thanks to Dave Cantrell of The Concept, we got to hear their 10-song eponymous CD last year; one of our infamous "best of" for 2008, and, we got cool Sarasota PBR-themed stickers!

But this Saturday night will be your last chance to see these dudes rock. Here's what guitarist Jay Thomas said on the event description on their MySpace page:

We've met a lot of awesome people and made some great friends over the last 9 years. Met and played with a lot of great bands. Drank ourselves sick countless times. Thanks to everyone who has supported us, said anything nice to us, bought us a round of drinks, or just came out to a show. You people really are what kept everything together. come out and have one last drink with us! and spread the word. Let's riot! we love you all! Goodbye. - Jay

Thomas, when reached for comment, lamented that it was "too bad that things aren’t working out for us," but, spilling the beans on a potential Sarasota reunion tour and more, said that "...I'm sure it won't be the last you hear from us guys. We've got other projects in the works. Thanks for all the love! We do appreciate it."

Sarasota plays with Down Goes Frazier and Blacklist Royals Saturday night at Shamrock's Irish Pub in Huntington.

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