Free BBR comp download

We just heard that our good friend Tucker Riggleman (of Demon Beat fame) has just made the 15-song Big Bullet comp available for free.

Including tracks from The Demon Beat, Stephen MacDonald & The Okay Win, Dandelion Snow, Greg Loftus, The Resonators, Jude Universer, Khaos Kloud and more, we think it's worth checking out here, at a link that we're fairly certain is not spam, like that stupid MySpace bulletin said when we clicked on it.

Tucker probably tried to send the link over a MySpace message, and it got counted as spam, naturally.

Yeah we just checked it and it works, so don't hesitate; swing by the BBR MySpace, check out the artists, and check out the Terminal Ballistics Volume I comp.

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Mike said...

I only called them WV's hardest working indie label 'cause they said they'd help me with some yard work. They didn't.