Help Hillbilly Proud stop the thieves!

One of the nicest, coolest and most hard workin' outfits we've come across in our dealings at WVRockscene has been Hillbilly Proud. From the ATV DVDs to their work featuring local bands, we've been proud to sport their "True Rebels" art as the profile pic over at our MySpace site.

Their "Tired and Leaving" blog is a must read for all West Virginia residents.

Having been given a few of their DVDs, stickers and even a t-shirt, we were upset to hear about people ripping off their awesome logo for profit. Below is a reposted MySpace bulletin from Keith McCoy, who runs Hillbilly Proud.

The reports are no longer trickling in about people stealing our logo and selling it at flea markets and other events. They are now flooding in. Please spread the word not to buy off of these thieves.

We do not sell at any flea markets. If you see these people in action let them know what you think of them taking money away from a small West Virginia business that has fought for five years to survive.

Thank you,

Keith McCoy
Hillbilly Proud

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