Whiskey N Waterbeds: way more punk (and smutty) than you!

We here at WVRockscene are fans of those who put bands and their music out on the internet, whatever format. Well, no format is more fun than that of WhiskeyBrian and Joey Fuckup at Whiskey N Waterbeds.

The Roanoke, Va.-based duo just released their 14th podcast, which no doubt includes some Colt 45 consumption mixed with a little smutty humor. Even though they're from Virginia, they've played some cool WV bands, so that's awesome. And -- we don't have to worry about them coming through our state, driving slow in the fast lane, then, merging over into the slow lane and speeding!

That's right -- our campaign against Ohio drivers has begun!

Oh, we mean check out W&W -- ye shall have a good time.

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Anonymous said...

Hells yes. W&W kick ass.