"Full Fathom Five" -- live Clutch tour DVD

Here at WVRockscene, we revel in our conflicts with other states, like our sub-rosa dirty war with OhioRockscene. Everybody knows a Buckeye is a worthless nut, but that's not what this is about...

We're fans of Maryland-based Clutch. Even though from what we understand from listening to too much talk radio, Maryland is or will soon be fascissimo, and try to take Shepherdstown from us!

But no, we rocked out Robot Hive/Exodus, and now, Clutch has announced it will release a new tour DVD August 12. They're getting ready to go on a tour from hell, with daily shows for the most part over the next coupla months.

They just uploaded video of the song "Texan Book of the Dead" onto their MySpace profile. So see, MySpace serves some function sometime!

But no if you haven't heard of Clutch yet for some strange reason yet check them out...

Now they owe us $50, right? Does that work on Blogger like it does on MySpace?

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