CD Review: Revelator

ARTIST: The Heptanes
CD: Revelator

Existing on a plane somewhere between The Cramps and The Stray Cats with a nod to West Virginia’s own Hasil Adkins, Huntington-based rockabilly trio The Heptanes return to release-ville in 2013 with their killer 13-song sophomore effort, Revelator.

Hard rockin’, rump shakin’ rockabilly (“Let The Liquor Do The Thinking,” “Rusthouse”) and/or psychobilly (“Hasil Adkins”) tracks show that these cats -- Kevin Allison, Chris Tackett, and Alex Kendall -- coming off a long period of dormancy, playing a few shows, then going in to record, just like riding a bike, didn’t take too long to get back into the swing of things.

Substitute “bike” with “devil-possessed hot rod” (hear “Pure White Lining” and “Rat Rod Ride”) and you’re close, maybe. And subtract the years off.

Either way, songs like “Amazon Roller Derby Queen” and “Sinner’s Shake,” which open things up, may indeed possess you to do awesome rock and roll related things, you can fill in the blanks.

“Dark Skies” stands out for its dark, sullen beauty, and the title track is a driving instrumental.

To get “The ultimate in transistorized stereophonic hi-fidelity sound” (as it says on the cover) Allison, Tackett and Kendall went into Trackside Studios, and with help from Bud Carroll, did just that.

This isn’t the place to get into how so many rock and roll rivers flow from rockabilly music. But if you’re into it, and like it with a dash of danger, The Heptanes may be for you. A great effort, a long time coming from these dudes.

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