Balliett/Bello split out on Garbage Days

Two WVRockscene favorites, Dylan Balliett and David F. Bello, recently teamed up for a split release on Garbage Days. You may have read all about Balliett's Spirit Night and Bello's rockin' here on this blog, be it in Sleepwalker or his solo efforts, and you may have heard about Garbage Days, mentioned in our recent chat with Charlie Wilmoth of FOX Japan, but not altogether in one big run-on sentence right?

Do check it out though. Balliett (now in NYC we believe) submitted the dreamy "25" and Bello contributed the Pixies-meets-Radiohead jam "Monster," killer stuff indeed. Thumbs up to Garbage Days for getting all this music out and thumbs down to WVRockscene for not covering it.

Wait, we are!

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