Tucker Riggleman split single w/Dandelion Snow

Our good friend Tucker Riggleman of The Demon Beat is set to release a split single with N.Y.-based Dandelion Snow this weekend.

Riggleman's new tunes, recorded by Demon Beat bandmate (and current mutton chop record holder) Adam Meisterhans, with guest appearances by he and John Miller of The Fox Hunt, are "Stand Up," "Biting Bullets" and "Someone To Hold" and from what we've heard Riggleman is rightly stoked about 'em.

The CD is being released by Brooklyn's Lion's Tooth Records and Big Bullet, which apparently has more cool stuff lined up very soon, something called Terminal Ballistics.

We'd promised ourselves a long time ago that we'd never promote Pa. shows -- especially any in Pittsburgh -- but the flyer below clearly indicates that there's a Shepherdstown release show Sunday, and Riggleman's one of the good ones.

And, irregardless of our eternal disdain for any Nittany Lions or Pittsburgh affiliated Panthers, you should check out Riggleman's solo efforts and why not give Dandelion Snow a listen?

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