Castle Brownskull: They try harder

If this sounds like a commercial for a car rental company, it's only because the guys at Castle Brownskull in Huntington really do try harder.

Not only do they run a studio and make CDs and all that. They'll bring their (brown?) van out to YOU, pick your band up (so you can party on the way, or, be straight edge if that's your thing), and then record your live set and turn it into a CD for you. Pretty cool.

The studio is run by Dig-Its guitarist Paul Weaver; "Before the dawn" Chris will come and pick you up in the Brownskull van (for a fee, of course) and "Black" Josh will record the show for you.

If you're out that way and this sounds good to you, holler at these guys. And look out for a lawsuit from Skeletor's intellectual copyright lawyers.

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