Paradox Rift: worse than the Sound Factory?

We got a lot of feedback on our "Pay to Play" post from bands and fans. The goal of it was basically to raise awareness and issues related to how bands are treated -- for better or worse -- at some area venues, or by area promoters.

One of the things we thought it would be nice to offer is a platform for bands to tell us what they honestly thought of a venue, and how they operate, etc. We got our first "band review" sent to us over the Myspace by a band member from a band which had recently went out to Paradox Rift in Huntington.

Here's what we were told, under condition of anonymity:

"Everything good I said: take it away!

It's one of the worst ran bars, man.

From the second I walked in, the lady bugged me about where our sold tickets were. The people who run that place are complete MORONS! The sound guy was terrible; it's worse than The Sound Factory.

They give the headlining band 1/2 of the ticket money and a % of the door, which wasn't shared with any other band and after that the lady said "If you want to get paid I suggest you book a headlining show."

We don't care about getting paid at all, we'd rather gain one new fan at every show, but we hate being treated like that! Plus, the clientele at that bar is HORRIBLE -- they were dicks. So I had to pull a "Fat Mike" if you will, and either people left because of our sarcasm, or they laughed.

Not a good night."

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